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We minimise your servers load and bandwidth buy utilizing streaming rsync backups

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How it work?

We connect to your server securely over SSH and use rsync

01. Install our SSH User

We use SSH to connect to your server, so we need to install a user on your server, we limit it only what we need

02. Sync

We use rsync to keep our local cached version of your server up to date; this minimises your server load and bandwidth.


Based on your policies we securely archive your backups. Allowing you access at any time

Streamed Backups?

A backup stream is `the method` we call it when we take a backup of your server over rsync and SSH. We call it a stream as for data is streamed over an SSH network connection; we don't require your server to have additional space like other services do. Many alternatives make a full archive of your server from within your filesystem, even with compression you could be looking at requiring an additional 40 to 60% disk space. Your servers resources also get heavily used, during this process.

We didn't like this and set out to build a backup system that offloads all of the server load to us. After your first server backup, we only synchronise your file chances saving on your bandwidth costs; many alternative solutions do not offer this, and you end up uploading the same data again and again.

At our end, we start up a streaming server which connects to your server; this server only exists to execute a single backup before its terminated, isolating it its filesystem away from others. This allows us to reconstruct your synchronised backup (delta difference) back into a full server backup, an identical clone of your server. We archive your backup into our secure storage, ready for if you never need it.


We have all the features you want from a backup provider.


We use crontab syntax so you can easily config backups how you want.


Configure you schedules to run on your local or server timezone.


Configure as many schedules as your server needs with different retention polices.

On Demand

At the press of a button we can do a manual backup for you.


We are built from the ground up round security, including 2fa login.

Whole Server Backups

Whole or partial server backups/restores. Full server snapshots.

Any Server

As long as your server has SSH access and can support rsycn we can back you up.


You can download any of your backups. We provide you a tar.gz copy

Simple Pricing

One Plan

100GB Included

Unlimited Servers

Unlimited Schedules

Unlimited Retention

Unlimited Team Members

Storage Price
First 100 GB / month Included
Next 100 GB / month $0.08/GB
Next 300 GB / month $0.06/GB
Next 1000 GB / month $0.05/GB
Over 1500 GB / month $0.04/GB
Download Cost
$0.09/GB to download your backup

Trusted by Businesses


Road Map

We are still in closed beta

You can register, however we are limited the number of users who can use the service, this is to make sure we only provide the best service to our customers.

Blog Start a blog all things backups/ssh/rsync Planned
Help Center Write out documentation to help businesses use Backup Stream Planned
GDPR We are striving to be GDPR and will be offering our customers a GDPR compliance statement Planned
Reverse rsync Offer reverse rsync to restore a server's files in the most efficient way Planned
Bring your S3 Allow customers to integrate there own S3 Buckets Planned
Manage Teams Allow more advanced management of teams Invite/Roles/Billing Planned
MFA Users can define a second-factor auth method + teams can enforce it Planned
Regions We are rolling out to more data centres across the world. Currently, we store data in Ireland
We will prioritise based on current customer requirements
In progress
Billing At the moment billing is handled manually In progress
Notification System Allow for failed/success emails to be sent for backups In progress
Download Backups Completed, you can request your backup, and we will email you details Complete

To learn more about the startup journey from idea to (hopefully) enterprise level software follow @mrsimonebennett and @backupstream on twitter